Affiliate Automation Academy Review

What is the Affiliate Automation Academy?

Well, as the title suggests, it’s all about automating affiliate marketing.
The end goal is to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to handle the day to day, time consuming tasks that we all have to do to be successful in our chosen field.

The Affiliate Automation Academy is basically a funnel of 3 main products.

  1. Affiliate Automation Academy Blueprint
  2. Affiliate Automation Academy MasterClass
  3. Mega D4Y E-Automation System

*I have personally invested in the Blueprint and the MasterClass and am very happy with my decision!

Blueprint purchaseMasterClass Purchase

Affiliate Automation Academy BlueprintBlueprint – $9.95:

The Affiliate Automation Academy is an 89-page Interactive Blueprint developed as a result of years of trial and error that will teach you how to build a large responsive email list & how to set up unlimited number of AUTOMATED internet income streams that grow over time.

The Blueprint is broken down in to 5 chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. How Affiliate Marketing Works
  3. Reasons To Set This Up Today
  4. The 7 Step Blueprint
  5. Affiliate Automation Academy Bonuses

The information inside of this is amazing. Claude (the author) explains things in a way that are easy to understand, insightful and informative.

The aim of the Blueprint is to get you to use A.I. to automate your business, saving you countless hours in some of the mundane tasks that we all have to bear when working at affiliate marketing.

The Blueprint, in and of itself, is so packed full of information that it is well worth every cent.

However, the magic starts when you enrol in the,

MasterClass – $67:

If you are at all like me then you may have dabbled with ManyChat Bots with little to no success.

When I saw the information about the Affiliate Automation Academy’s Bot (SAP), I immediately saw potential. But, it wasn’t until I enrolled in the MasterClass that it became clear the sheer magnitude of the work that had gone into creating it.

Now, I come from a programming background so YES, I do know what’s involved in such an enterprise.

It automatically sets up almost everything for you. Meaning you barely need to do anything with the entire process. All you need is to click the Purchase button, activate the traffic-drawing capabilities, and sit down to enjoy the stream of income that will flock to your websites in seconds!

Due to such a convenient operation, Affiliate Automation Academy is terrific for beginners who know nothing about marketing strategies. Even seasoned professionals can benefit from it as well, since the software saves lots of time and effort. You can spend your precious time engaging in other tasks.

Features and Benefits of Affiliate Automation Academy MasterClass:

Professional Follow-Up Emails

Communication between you and the customers is incredibly important in deciding whether the visitors would like to return to your services in the future. However, not all of us are professional in using the right terms and phrases! What should you do in that case?

Thankfully, the Affiliate Automation Academy (AAA for short) has come to the rescue!

It provides wonderful follow-up templates that easily apply to customers and clients of any niche. They are well-written, clearly expressed, and deliver a professional yet friendly vibe that every customer likes. No wonder many web builders report having millions of regular customers after purchasing AAA programs!

Automatic Setup

This feature is what impresses me the most. Like many of my readers, I am also an amateur in website building, and my schedule is so packed that there’s no spare time for me to enroll in courses and classes!

But that doesn’t mean you and I have to give up on affiliate marketing, as AAA has lived up to its reputation by setting up everything automatically and in advance (exactly what the word “Automation” implies). What usually takes hours to establish only requires several minutes now. Insane, isn’t it?

That’s why even beginners with little to no background experience can earn some of their first revenues, all thanks to AAA. If they can do it, so can you!

Email List Builder

There might be hundreds of visitors clicking on your link in minutes, but not all of them are willing to leave behind their private info (such as email addresses) for further contact.

And even if they do, spending hours collecting each email one by one is simply exhausting. What a waste of time and resources!

But now, that huge disadvantage is wonderfully handled by the AAA creative team! How so? The program grants you access to strategy tutorials, teaching you how to arrange a potentially profitable email list within 5 days.

Training Materials

Sure, I just mentioned that the program runs automatically once activated. But ambitious users must be dying to learn the successful secret formula behind these settings!

That’s why the package comes with a hefty load of instructional materials, including worksheets, checklists, and more, giving you terrific insights into how it works!

With all those incredible lessons, you can master all the marketing strategies without spending a fortune on time-consuming classes and courses online.

It takes me about a week to investigate them all, but the time spent is totally worth it – highly recommended for people who want to be a top game changer in the field!

Supportive Community

Lastly, no one wants A supportive community to travel on this difficult and long road without at least one companion. The AAA Facebook group provides you with not one, but thousands of such companions who are all active and knowledgeable. Practical tips and advice regarding promotion strategies are uploaded daily, open to everyone, and cost you no pennies!

That’s why, whenever you stumble upon an unexpected stone on your road to success, I strongly suggest you turn to the AAA group for more help.

Simply write down all your problems and inquiries; believe me, the comment sections will get flocked with suggestions and solutions in a blink!

Five-Module/Phases in MasterClass:

Okay. The MasterClass is broken up ino 5 main sections (Modules/Phases).

30-Day Guarantee

All of these features sound insane, which is why some people (understandably) doubt that they ACTUALLY work. No problems;  Affiliate Automation Academy has your back with a 30-day guarantee policy!

What does it entail? Basically, if you receive no affiliate sales and revenues within the first thirty days (or even sooner), contact the support team to ask for a full refund.

There’s no need to verify your statements or submit proofs that your business has no profit. You can just say, “Nah, I don’t need this anymore,” and bam! Your money is back!

In short, customers don’t even have to sacrifice anything. Crazy, I know, but that’s the truth!

Who Should Use This?

  • You wish to build a potential email list but are on a budget.
  • You see others creating an email list hassle-free, but you have failed several times.
  • You seek more satisfaction, freedom, and control in your own business.
  • You are suffocated in the vast pool of information but still don’t know where to lay the first brick.
  • You are just finding a trustable system for automatic profit yielding.


  • Priority Support –
    They’ve got a strict no student left behind policy.If you have any questions, you can email or call us.
    They employ a dedicated support staff just so you have someone to talk to when you need them.
    Expect fast replies to your emails with specific “do this, do that” advice.
    This fast action bonus is worth $2,000 because that’s how much they pay theirmy support staff to be there for you.
  • 25 Super Tips Guides ($2000):
    learning to use E-Automations without boring technical tidbits.
  • Private Rolodex ($997):
    instant traffic sources (all automated) that flood your business with thousands of responsive mail addresses.
  • Done-For-You Streams ($1997):
    get more money in much less time via preset income streams.
  • Free Coaching ($2582):
    turn to professional help through email support, coaching calls, phone hotlines, and mastermind access.
  • Webclass Training ($297):
    Learn secret tips about high-converting anatomy for E-automation and how to build email lists with less-than-promising traffic.

Why Should You Buy Affiliate Automation Academy

It’s not difficult to understand why Affiliate Automation Academy dominates affiliate marketing. Its automatic setup seals the deal for most beginners – who wants to spend hours or even days struggling with the algorithm, after all?

I also like how straightforward and user-friendly the menu layout is. Everything is neatly ordered and arranged, taking no more than 10 minutes for me to understand them all.

The program’s excellent bonus materials should be mentioned as well, opening my eyes to incredible lessons and tricks not revealed elsewhere. Imagine NOT becoming an expert after studying them all!

Skip the chance to seize this program now and you might regret it later. Click the Order Now Button below!

Mega D4Y E-Automation System – $997:

This Upsell is for those with a little money to spare and not much time/inclination to learn the system.

You get the entire system and Claude and his team will set it all up for you.



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