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List Mailers, Safelists, and Small Biz to Small Biz Advertising: Do They Really Work?

You’ve probably heard of List Mailers, Safelists, and Small Biz to Small Biz Advertising, and wondered if they actually work for entrepreneurs and small businesses. On the surface, it might seem a bit ridiculous. But let me break it down for you.

What Are List Mailers and Safelists?

A List Mailer or Safelist is a marketing concept where members agree to receive emails (or view them on-site) in exchange for the right to send emails to the same audience. These communities often offer both free and paid memberships.

Unfortunately, this often leads to people with limited funds advertising to others in the same situation. It sounds a bit silly, right?

The Reality: List Mailers Work

Despite the challenges, List Mailers do work. It’s a numbers game where many good ads and products might go unnoticed, but the potential for success is still there. However, the pricing for list mailers can be inconsistent, and there’s often little incentive for members to click on ads.

Finding the Silver Lining

Let’s talk about pricing. The idea is for List Mailer owners to set a price point, market it, and hope that membership growth catches up with the pricing model. For example, with 5,000 paid members and 20,000 free members, a price point of $25/month or $197/year is reasonable.

But what if the membership doesn’t grow as expected? Early adopters who upgrade before the value is established might feel shortchanged. Isn’t there a better way to reward these early adopters for their risk?

The Game-Changer: Dynamic Pricing List Mailer

Enter Mailer.Gold, created by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark. This innovative List Mailer uses dynamic pricing to solve the value proposition problem.

Early adopters get the lowest price when the value is lowest. Pricing starts at about $8 and increases by $0.01 with each new upgraded membership. As paid memberships grow, so does the value, making this a smart approach.

The best part? Early adopters benefit from low-cost memberships as a reward for their early risk. This is clever marketing and relationship-building by Mailer.Gold, wouldn’t you agree?

Ensuring Ad Views

Mailer.Gold ensures that paid members actually view the ads by requiring senders to click and view five emails for 10 seconds each before sending their own. That’s just one minute of time!

This “give a little to get a lot” strategy means senders can be confident that hundreds or even thousands of valued members will see their ads. It’s a simple solution with an elegant result.

Always Getting Great Value

With Mailer.Gold, it doesn’t matter when you join and upgrade; you’ll always get fantastic value. However, joining sooner rather than later allows you to ride the wave of increasing value.

For more details, check out Mailer.Gold. You’ll be glad you did!


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