About The Laptop Affiliate

Who or what is The Laptop Affiliate all about?

Well, The Laptop Affiliate is  Les Boys.TheLaptopAffiliate
Who the heck is Les Boys you may ask?  Well this is me! —->>>

Hi, my name is Les and I am a full-time affiliate marketer.

I was born in the UK way back in 1954 and emigrated to Australia with my parents back in 1965 and initially settled in Adelaide South Australia and later moved to New South Wales.

From the age of 15, I travelled (hitch-hiked) most of the way around Australia. Finally settling back in South Australia in the early 2000’s where I me my now wife Wendy.

Although I have actually been involved with affiliate marketing online since the early 2000’s, I never really took it seriously until I lost my job in 2019 and had difficulty finding another.

Regardless of any ability I might have, my age was a barrier not easily overcome so I turned to the one thing I liked doing and made that my job.

Like so many people, I really did leave it far to long before taking this seriously. Hind-sight is wonderful isn’t it? If I had taken this seriously almost 20 years ago I would most certainly be sitting-pretty financially.

So, if I have 1 piece of advice to give, it would be to start this business NOW. Don’t wait until you are struggling financially. Set yourself up for life NOW. It really is a great investment in your future.

To your success & Take care!
Les Boys

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