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Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 Review

The Ministry Of Freedom v2.0 by Jono Armstrong

Ministry Of FreedomThe Ministry Of Freedom teaches you arguably one of the easiest, quickest and most consistent methods for making money online.

This marketing model involves marketers (the affiliate) selling and promoting products and services from vendors. The marketers receive a pre-arranged commission from their business partners (the Vendors) based on the leads they generate and the purchases those leads complete.

According to IAB (the Interactive Advertising Bureau), affiliate marketing in 2021 is valued at more than $12 billion with close to $4.5 billion being from the US market alone.

However, not everyone who joins the affiliate marketing bandwagon makes a fortune. In fact, most people who join this industry see very little or no results in terms of profits. Whilst they try their best, the results are often dismal, frustrating and costly. It’s sad really but that’s the honest truth. With this in mind Jono Armstrong developed the Ministry of Freedom a.k.a. MOF

This review explores Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom, which was designed to help users get from zero to seven figures in terms of income. Besides, this method works faster and is more realistic compared to other ways of earning money online. It operates on a simple rinse-and-repeat affiliate marketing strategy.

After reading this review, you’ll discover what the Ministry of Freedom is all about, what it includes, and how to benefit from the program. You can then make an informed decision.

What is the Ministry of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom is a detailed and comprehensive training program. Developed by affiliate marketer Jono Armstrong, it aims to help internet marketers earn significant profits from affiliate marketing. The entire program lasts for nine weeks, delivering training and mentorship distributed in nine modules.

Each module covers a specific week with in-depth and comprehensive information about affiliate marketing. Jono wants people to learn about all the intricate details that can make their affiliate marketing journey a success. From organic techniques to paid strategies, the Ministry of Freedom program leaves users with a proper mindset to counter the difficulties that could otherwise throw them off track.

Jono Armstrong, who is the creator of the program, did not start as a successful internet marketer. And that’s why this mentorship program is essential. Users will learn from someone who started from scratch and worked his success from the ground up. Armstrong began as a struggling beginner and built his fame to the successful marketer he is right now.

Over the years, Jono has amassed a great deal of experience in internet marketing. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Through this training and mentorship program, he explores the field, filtering the good from the chaff. He helps users take advantage of sophisticated methods to boost their success chances.

According to Jono, this course delivers tactics that can help users generate up to $1 million in profits every year. Before you enroll in this program, it’s natural you would like to know how it works and its features. This review provides a detailed view of the nine modules and how they work to help users improve their chances of success in affiliate marketing.

What is included in the Ministry of Freedom Training Program?

Module/Week 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success
The module in the first week is rather basic and straightforward. However, it provides the groundwork for all the subsequent modules to the end of the program. So it’s important not to skip it. In this step, users will learn crucial things, especially the mental preparation for the journey they are about to start.

Here, Jono teaches the importance of having the right mindset when making money online. He also delivers on the importance of commitment, how users should dedicate their efforts and resources to this venture.

More importantly, this step includes the Organic Module, which is a continuation of module one. In this program, users learn about various ways of generating organic traffic using platforms like Google and YouTube. Here, Jono takes learners through the tactics and techniques he uses to build organic traffic. Organic traffic is an essential component of internet marketing, making it an essential part of this training program.

Module/Week 2: Tools and Applications
In the second week of the program, Jono takes learners through the fundamental tools and applications they need to succeed. For example, they discover and learn more about tools such as autoresponders, which is an essential element of e-mail marketing.

Importantly, these tools do not require any significant investment to utilize. They are usually free or at very low costs. Especially for beginners, this is an advantage.

Module/Week 3: Launch Jacking plus Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies
This module covers the third week. Here Jono teaches learners the basics of launch jacking. Launch jacking technique equips learners with the skills to identify a new product that is launching and be among the first to review it. Many people are looking for information about a new product.

Since many people have not reviewed it, more visitors are likely to read the first few reviews. Jono Armstrong has used this technique to amass incredible success. In this module, he teaches his participants to take advantage of the same and implement it in their online business marketing. When he started, Jono claims he used to make $700-$1000 per day using this method. His students earn more than $500 per day using the same process.

In the Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies section, Jono provides learners with more in-depth insights. He also delivers other secrets that make launch jacking work.

Module/Week 4: Branding & Soft Launching
In this module, learners discover how to develop a unique product that can draw in many affiliates. They also learn how to do a soft launch, an essential part that many people do not know how to do. By giving learners the secrets of soft launching, they can take advantage of the technique and earn profits online.

Module/Week 5: E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing is a crucial part of online marketing and one of the most powerful ways to succeed in the game. Already aware of this marketing technique, Jono includes it as part of this training program.

In this module, learners are equipped with skills in e-mail marketing to help them utilize it in their digital business. They discover the right ways to promote offers to their e-mail list and other tools that could be significant assets to their digital business success.

Jono himself has used this method repeatedly with success. He believes e-mail marketing is one of the best ways to generate profits online.

Modules/Weeks 6 & 7: Product Launching
Jono Armstrong is a top-ranking affiliate marketer on prestigious platforms such as WarriorPlus and many others. This makes him an extremely qualified teacher from whom to learn the intrigues of internet marketing. In these modules, he takes learners systematically through advice and strategies to ensure the most tremendous success with their product launch. He provides them with insider tips and secrets for a successful product launch. Jono Armstrong has launched many products with greater success, and he shares his tips with participants here.

Module/Week 8: Software Research & Outsourcing
This is the week that you will learn everything you should need to know about creating a product. Learn how to research products, How to find the best types of products to create and even how to outsource it’s development if necessary

Module/Week 9: Paid Traffic
In this module, Jono exposes you to his lessons regarding paid advertising. He dissects the right methods to use paid adverts on various platforms to generate targeted traffic to their affiliate system. Notably, he introduces them to his ad campaigns to boost their efforts when it comes to driving traffic.

Other Bonuses & Benefits for Ministry Of Freedom Members

In addition to the above modules, this program comes with bonuses and other important benefits that work together to improve your chances of success. With

  • Very active private Facebook group
  • Have your affiliate links added to Jono’s extensive email list of 1,000’s of subscribers
  • Get FREE access to many of the upcoming products to be released
  • Private face-to-face webinars to help you along your way

Ministry of Freedom Pros and Cons


  • No special skills or experience needed
  • Work from your preferred location
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family
  • Pay off your debts and save thousands in interest
  • Go on vacation wherever and whenever you want
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No need to make your own products
  • No staff required
  • Immediate results
  • One year of networking and 24/7 guided support
  • Three live sessions with Jono and his team a week


  • This will NOT work for you if you don’t put in the time and effort and follow guidance.

Ministry of Freedom Price and Moneyback Guarantee

In real-world value, the Ministry of Freedom training program, together with all its bonuses, costs at least $45,400. However, the developer is offering a considerable discount on the course is your purchase today.

Your investment in the Ministry of Freedom today is just $1,497. More importantly, you can do 3 easy instalments of $797. This comes to less than the cost of basic coffee at Starbucks! Please your order through their official website. Individuals that are interested in learning the program can sign up on the official website at Select You Payment Plan – 66%+ Off.

Final Word on Ministry of Freedom

This review provides all the crucial information you need to know about the Ministry of Freedom training program. As with all products, this mentorship and training program has its benefits and downsides. However, according to the producer, the pros outshine the cons. While the product works for both beginners and seasoned marketers, the overall success depends on how much effort you’re willing to exert.

There is a Webinar that is packed full of very useful information HERE.

So Check Out Ministry Of Freedom For Yourself Today!


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